Prime Advantage Reviews : What is it ?

Prime Advantage is an automated trading bot that is said to be the brainchild of two brothers who wanted to create a system that could practically print money from crypto currencies. But in the end, they settled for the markets‘ prediction when after the Bitcoin crash in late 2017, they realised that their idea was not feasible.

However, far from being satisfied with the events then underway, they wanted to find a way into the future to predict Bitcoin. This is how the first prototype of Prime Advantage was born. Indeed, by analysing and collecting market data, Prime Advantage makes it possible to make massive profits with its trading algorithm.

How does Prime Advantage work?

According to its designers of this Bitcoin bot, the Prime Advantage bot’s technology for predicting outcomes in the crypto-currency markets is based on mathematical technology and algorithms.

Indeed, the bot would apply a novel technique as well as a set of fundamental indicators coupled with advanced mathematical algorithms to discover potentially profitable trading opportunities. It should be noted that the transactions are made automatically without requiring any human intervention.

According to the Prime Advantage website, the software is capable of executing multiple trades at speeds much faster than humans and is reportedly running 0.01 seconds faster than those currently in the market.

The software gives users the ability to define the trading parameters that suit them and even offers experienced traders a manual option. However, trades are executed automatically by the trading robot as soon as they match the parameters that can be applied by the bot.

Note that as we mentioned above, Prime Advantage allows you to buy several crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and even Dash. This is possible due to the fact that unlike other trading platforms, Prime Advantage has built its own system of encapsulating data, rather than just reading statistics and numbers.

How much can you make on Prime Advantage?

According to Prime Advantage, when a trader makes a minimum deposit of $250, they are able to earn up to $800 by the end of the live trading session. Although depending on prevailing market trends this profit may differ slightly either up or down. However, the platform does not give clear information about the earnings history.

In our opinion it is therefore impossible to say with certainty whether the Prime Advantage robot is profitable, whether it makes money. Remember also that trading is risky, so never invest more on this robot or elsewhere than you can afford to lose.

Ethereum Wallet-Wie erstelle ich eine Ethereum (ETH) Wallet?

In diesem Artikel zeigen wir Ihnen, wie Sie Ihre Ether sicher aufbewahren können. Dazu benötigen Sie eine Wallet. Es gibt verschiedene Arten, aber egal für welche Sie sich entscheiden, Sie werden immer für die Verwaltung Ihrer Münzen verantwortlich sein. Wir stellen sicher, dass Sie in der Lage sind, Ihre Ether sorgenfrei zu kaufen und zu lagern.

Was ist eine Ether-Wallet?

Eine Ether-Wallet ist vergleichbar mit einem Online-Bankkonto; von Ihrer Wallet aus können Sie Ihre Münzen senden, empfangen und verwalten. Sie können unsere Plattform nutzen, um Ether zu kaufen oder zu verkaufen, aber wir verwalten Ihre Münzen nicht für Sie. Das machen Sie selbst in Ihrer Ether-Wallet.

Welche Ethereum-Wallet sollte ich wählen?

Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Ethereum Wallets, jede mit ihren eigenen Eigenschaften. Es gibt mobile Wallets, Software-Wallets und Hardware-Wallets. Mit einer mobilen Wallet speichern Sie Ihre Münzen auf Ihrem Smartphone. Eine Software-Wallet muss auf Ihren Computer heruntergeladen werden, und eine Hardware-Wallet ist ein physisches Gerät. In der nachstehenden Übersicht können Sie sehen, welche Wallet für Sie am besten geeignet ist.

Wie erstelle ich eine mobile Ether-Wallet?

Das Erstellen einer Ethereum-Wallet ist sehr einfach. Es gibt verschiedene Optionen für die Speicherung Ihrer Ether. Jede Art von Wallet hat ihre eigenen Merkmale und unterscheidet sich in Bezug auf Benutzerfreundlichkeit und Sicherheit.

Welche Wallet sollten Sie wählen? Das hängt davon ab, wofür Sie Ihre Ether verwenden wollen und welche Bedürfnisse Sie beim Kauf haben.

Kaufen Sie zum ersten Mal Ether? Dann ist eine Wallet für Ihr Smartphone schnell, einfach und benutzerfreundlich. Eine der meistgenutzten mobilen Wallets zur Verwaltung Ihrer Ether ist die Wallet von Coinomi. Im Folgenden lesen Sie, wie Sie eine solche Wallet erstellen können:

  • Gehen Sie in den App Store (iOS) oder zu Google Play (Android).
  • Suchen Sie Coinomi und laden Sie es herunter.
  • Öffnen Sie die App und schreiben Sie Ihren Wiederherstellungssatz mit 24 Wörtern auf. Das ist sehr wichtig, denn dies ist das Backup Ihrer Wallet!
  • Setzen Sie ein starkes Passwort.
  • Fügen Sie Ethereum zu Ihrer Wallet hinzu.
  • Verwenden Sie Ihre Empfangsadresse, um Ether zu empfangen.

Was ist eine Ether-Empfangsadresse?

Jede Wallet hat ihre eigene Empfangsadresse. Dies ist eine einzigartige Folge von Zahlen und Buchstaben, die immer mit 0x beginnen. Sie ist vergleichbar mit einer Bankkontonummer. Möchten Sie Ether empfangen? Dann teilen Sie dem Absender Ihre Empfangsadresse mit. Möchten Sie Ether an eine andere Wallet senden? Dann benötigen Sie die Empfangsadresse des Empfängers.

Dies ist ein Beispiel für eine Ether-Adresse:

0x1D1479C185d32EB90533a08b36B3CFa5F84A0E6B. Bitte beachten Sie: dies ist nur eine Beispieladresse. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie immer die Empfängeradresse aus Ihrer eigenen Wallet kopieren.

Sicherheit und Backup

Sie sind für die sichere Aufbewahrung Ihrer Ether verantwortlich. Es ist wichtig, dass Sie Ihr digitales Portemonnaie sicher aufbewahren, genau wie Ihr physisches Portemonnaie. Wenn Ihr Portemonnaie nicht richtig gesichert ist, könnten Hacker darauf zugreifen und Ihre Münzen stehlen.

Am besten schützen Sie Ihr Portemonnaie, indem Sie Ihre Seed-Phrase (auch Recovery Seed genannt) offline speichern. Die Seed-Phrase ist in der Regel eine Folge von 12 oder 24 Wörtern, die als Backup für Ihre Wallet dient. Schreiben Sie die Seed-Phrase mit Stift und Papier auf und bewahren Sie sie an einem sicheren Ort auf. Bewahren Sie sie nicht online oder gar digital auf, da die meisten Geräte mit dem Internet verbunden und daher anfällig für Hacker sind.
Hinweis: Eine häufig genutzte zusätzliche Sicherheitsmaßnahme ist die Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung (2FA).


Sie wissen nun, was eine Ethereum-Wallet ist und wie man eine solche erstellt. Sie haben gelernt, was eine Empfangsadresse ist und wie man sie verwendet, wenn man Ether kaufen möchte. Wir haben auch erklärt, wie Sie Ihre Wallet sichern können.

Haben Sie noch weitere Fragen zur Sicherung Ihres Wallets oder zu Wallets im Allgemeinen? Wenden Sie sich an uns, wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter!

Bitcoin price: after the collapse comes the reconstruction

The past trading week had it all. The correction of the previous week widened significantly and temporarily led to panic on the crypto market, which pushed the Bitcoin price down to 30,000 USD. Here, the first courageous buyers returned to the market and lifted the BTC price back above USD 40,000.

Bitcoin price after sell-off with recovery tendency

BTC price: 40,184 USD (previous week: 36,811 USD)

Tech stocks: There is hardly any way around them in future, too
Even in the years before the Corona pandemic, tech stocks pulled the entire stock market up with them. This trend intensified during the crisis. But recently the world of tech stocks has been rumbling. Fund manager Beckers, however, sees the correction of tech stocks „an absolute entry opportunity in the medium and long term.“
powered by finative

Resistances/targets: 40,240 USD, 41,967 USD, 43,030 USD, 44,120 USD, 44,878 USD, 47,070 USD, 48,222 USD, 51,307/50,305 USD, 53,005 USD, 54,077 USD, 56,867 USD, 58,386 USD, 59,527 USD, 61,122 USD, 61,771 USD, 64,896 USD

Supports: 38,874 USD, 36,636 USD, 34,895 USD, 33,770 USD, 31,010 USD, 30,000 USD, 28,716 USD, 27,563 USD, 25,752 USD, 23,887 USD, 22,222 USD, 21,892 USD, 19,884 USD

Price analysis Bitcoin (BTC) week 21

Price analysis based on the value pair BTC/USD on Bitcoin Prime

The sharp correction of the previous week resulted in a crash on the overall market. On Friday, 19 May, the bitcoin price briefly collapsed to USD30,000, before subsequently rallying towards the strong resistance at USD41,967. At the EMA200 (blue), the price rally ended and sent Bitcoin back to USD31,010 as the overall market capitulated. But like Indexuniverse said the use of Bitcoin Prime might change. It is noteworthy in this regard that despite the capitulation of many altcoins, Bitcoin did not form a new low and thus potential buyers in the USD30,000 to USD25,000 range were not served. This state of affairs suggests that institutional investors had already stocked up enough on Bitcoin and were instead out on a big buying spree in altcoins. In the last three trading days, the BTC price was able to stabilise further for the time being and produce higher lows every day. Currently, the bitcoin price is in the USD 40,000 range and thus below the green resistance zone. So far, the cryptocurrency failed to break above the MA200 (green) in the last trading hours.

Bullish scenario (Bitcoin price)

In the past trading week, there was an interim sell-off in the overall market. Starting from the low at USD 30,000, BTC managed to stabilise in the following days and, after a battle between bulls and bears, to rise again back towards USD 40,000. The oversold status of the RSI and MACD indicators brought new buyers back into the market. The coming trading days will determine whether Bitcoin manages to recapture the massive resistance area between 40,240 USD and 43,030 USD. This is where two very strong moving averages run, the MA200 (green) and the EMA200 (blue). If the bulls can lift the bitcoin price northwards above this area, this would be considered an important partial success. Then a rise to USD 44,120 (EMA20) (red) as well as above USD 44,878 should be planned. If these resistance levels are also dynamically overcome, the first relevant price target is activated at USD 47,070. This is where the break-off edge before the sell-off is found. A spike to USD 48,222 would also be possible.

The rocky road back towards the all-time high
However, the bulls will only be able to turn the tide in the long term if the EMA50 (orange) is recaptured and the price jumps back above USD 50,327. If the USD 51,307 level is subsequently broken, the chart picture brightens further. A rise to USD 53,005 would be likely. At USD 53,005, the bears have one last chance to turn the tide in their favour. The super trend in the daily chart also runs in this area. If the USD 54,077 level is subsequently overcome on the daily closing price, a rise to USD 55,817 can be expected. At most, a breakout to USD 57,998 is conceivable. From the current perspective, this chart mark represents the maximum bullish price target for the coming trading weeks. The sell-off was too strong for enough buyers to be found to immediately buy the price back up above USD 61,000 towards the all-time high.

Bearish scenario (Bitcoin price)
The bears used the negative news from China as well as tweets from Elon Musk to send bitcoin on a downward slide. Fuelled by massive liquidations of leveraged long positions, the BTC price fell back in free fall towards USD 30,000. Although BTC is currently trading just above USD 40,000 again, the bears have not yet given up. If the BTC price already bounces southwards in the green resistance zone, the USD 38,874 will again come into view. If this is abandoned and Bitcoin falls below its daily low at USD 37,854, a fall towards USD 36,643 is likely. If this horizontal support also fails to hold, the downward momentum will increase again. The support at 34,721 USD would then be the first price target. If there is no stabilisation here either and USD 33,770 is also dynamically undercut, the correction will extend to USD 31,010.

Here, the bulls will once again try to stabilise the BTC price. If this does not succeed, the low at USD 30,000 will come into view again. A break of this psychological mark should cause Bitcoin to correct further. The minimum target is USD 28,716. If this strong support level is also sustainably undercut, the correction will widen again and a fall to USD 27,563 and USD 25,752 would have to be planned. If the bulls do not return to the floor here either, investors will focus on USD 23,887. This chart level is just above the strong support area between USD 22,222 and USD 21,892. Since many buyers have positioned themselves in the area of the old breakout level at USD 19,884 in the last few trading days, a short, sharp correction to this support level cannot be ruled out.

Nuove opzioni rilasciate da Freewallet

1 aprile 2021– Freewallet è lieta di annunciare il lancio di nuove opzioni e campagne per i propri clienti. Il marzo 2021 ha segnato il rilascio di nuove funzionalità e aggiornamenti per il pubblico di Freewallet, un marchio popolare per la famiglia di applicazioni per dispositivi mobili di criptovaluta e la versione web desktop. Il mese prossimo Freewallet lancerà la campagna per gli acquirenti di buoni regalo. Maggiori informazioni saranno pubblicate sul suo blog:

Integrazione con Apple Pay

Attraverso una partnership con i suoi fornitori di servizi Simplex e Moonpay, il portafoglio è noto da tempo come la piattaforma per l’acquisto di oltre 40 criptovalute con Visa e Mastercard. Cercando di estendere l’ambito delle opzioni di pagamento, Freewallet ha implementato la funzionalità Apple Pay per gli utenti di iPhone. Quando gli acquirenti di criptovalute raggiungono la cassa, possono scegliere Bitcoin Profit senza che sia necessario inserire manualmente i dettagli della carta.

Moneta BTCV in Freewallet

Freewallet mira ad espandere continuamente la gamma di monete supportate. Attualmente, questo elenco contiene più di 50 monete e oltre 400 gettoni ERC-20. Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) è entrato a far parte di questo elenco, così come l’elenco delle risorse scambiabili. La piattaforma BTCV si impegna a mantenere un ecosistema sicuro, composto da tre elementi. Il generatore di tre chiavi per la produzione di chiavi private univoche è uno di questi elementi di costruzione.

1.000+ carte regalo

Oltre alle sue caratteristiche principali, Freewallet offre un’impressionante scelta di carte regalo dai negozi online globali. Con il recente aggiornamento, il loro numero totale ha superato 1.000. In particolare, sono stati aggiunti oltre 180 marchi di carte regalo per Australia, Polonia, Svizzera, Russia e molti altri. Sono in arrivo anche nuovi negozi e paesi. Per consentire a più clienti di apprezzare questo miglioramento, Freewallet lancerà una campagna speciale per gli acquirenti di carte regalo. L’azienda annuncerà ulteriori informazioni dopo il 1 aprile.

Il responsabile delle PR e delle comunicazioni di Freewallet, Solomon Brown, ha commentato i recenti aggiornamenti:

„Abbiamo sempre dato la priorità al miglioramento della scelta per i nostri clienti per quanto riguarda le monete disponibili, le opzioni di pagamento e le funzionalità aggiuntive. Segui le nostre comunità sui social media e rimani aggiornato con le ultime notizie dell’azienda „.

Bitcoin atinge nova alta acima de $51K, diminuindo a produção de títulos em ascensão

O aumento do rendimento dos títulos é uma ameaça aos preços dos ativos de hedge, mas o bitcoin está subindo à medida que o ouro cai.

Do Bitcoin não está mostrando sinais de desaceleração

A vertiginosa corrida do Bitcoin não está mostrando sinais de desaceleração, apesar de um aumento nos rendimentos dos títulos do governo americano.

O líder do mercado de moedas criptográficas estabeleceu uma nova alta de US$51.348 no início da quarta-feira, tendo penetrado no nível psicológico de US$50.000 na terça-feira pela primeira vez, de acordo com os dados do CoinDesk 20. Os preços subiram 53% só neste mês.

A última mudança mais alta vem no calcanhar de um anúncio feito pela empresa de capital aberto MicroStrategy de que planeja aumentar seu estoque de bitcoin (BTC, +2,87%) mais uma vez. A empresa anunciou na terça-feira uma venda de dívida de 600 milhões de dólares, que irá financiar as compras adicionais. A empresa de business intelligence tem comprado bitcoin desde agosto de 2020 e está com um lucro de mais de US$ 2 bilhões em suas participações.

De acordo com Avi Felman, diretor comercial da BlockTower Capital, o anúncio da MicroStrategy pode ter sido programado para forçar uma pausa acima do nível crítico de $50.000. A empresa fez um anúncio semelhante em 7 de dezembro, após o qual a bitcoin cruzou acima do então maior obstáculo de US$ 20.000.

Resta saber se o último movimento acima de $50.000 é sustentável, dado que os rendimentos das obrigações americanas estão subindo e empurrando o ouro para baixo. O bitcoin é amplamente considerado um hedge contra a inflação como o ouro.

A 10 anos atingiu uma alta de 12 meses de 1,33%

O rendimento da nota do Tesouro a 10 anos atingiu uma alta de 12 meses de 1,33% hoje cedo e subiu mais de 20 pontos base este ano. O ouro está sendo negociado atualmente a uma baixa de duas semanas de US$1.790 por onça. O bitcoin, no entanto, está mostrando resistência e pode estar sob pressão se e quando os rendimentos reais ou ajustados pela inflação aumentarem.

A partir de terça-feira, o título de 10 anos estava caindo -1% em termos corrigidos pela inflação, de acordo com dados fornecidos pelo Departamento do Tesouro dos Estados Unidos.

Os fundos momentum que compraram bitcoin como hedge contra a inflação poderiam vender se os rendimentos reais subissem“, disse Felman à CoinDesk.

Os ativos de armazenamento de valor percebidos normalmente se movem na direção oposta à dos rendimentos reais dos títulos. Por exemplo, o ouro subiu mais de US$ 600 para um preço recorde de US$ 2.075 nos cinco meses até agosto, já que o rendimento real a 10 anos caiu de 0,55% para -1,08%. O Bitcoin tem registrado um aumento impressionante nos últimos 11 meses, juntamente com uma queda contínua nos rendimentos.

Entretanto, os aumentos de rendimento podem ser limitados, com o Federal Reserve executando um programa de compra de títulos em aberto e a inflação provavelmente obterá uma elevação do aumento dos preços do petróleo.

Na hora da imprensa, o bitcoin está sendo negociado em torno de $50.946, um aumento de 3,6% em 24 horas.

Are all the bitcoins really concentrated in the hands of a small, wealthy elite?

Distribution or concentration? – Misconceptions about Bitcoin (BTC) are tough, and the mainstream media are doing everything to contribute. It is precisely to take the opposite view of a Bloomberg article that the experts at Glassnode come back in more detail on the concentration of bitcoins in a reduced number of addresses.

Highly concentrated bitcoins? It’s far from the absolute truth

On-chain data aggregator Glassnode wanted to fight an overly easy claim from the Bloomberg newspaper: „2% of accounts control 95% of all bitcoin . “

As Glassnode explains very well in its analysis , talking about „accounts“ as if it were a single user per account is misleading and has 2 major problems :

It should also be taken into account that the same user of the Bitcoin network can very well hold several addresses , just as conversely, an address can hold the funds of several users thanks to the so – called multi -signature wallets (without however that or that of a crypto-exchange).

Glassnode therefore goes well beyond prejudices in its analysis, and takes into account in particular exchange platforms (at least, those whose addresses have been made public ), as well as the addresses of mining pools , which concentrate the rewards for minors before distribution.

Surprising (or not, in fact): the table of the distribution of bitcoins is then quite different , and their concentration is much less disproportionate .

From the smallest shrimp (less than 1 BTC) to the largest whales (5,000 BTC and more), including small fish and other sharks, Glassnode illustrates below a much better , and more realistic , distribution of bitcoins.

The only truth is: whale addresses are accumulating more and more BTC

Ultimately, users who could be described as „individual“ (less than 50 BTC) still own almost 23% of existing bitcoins.

In contrast, the biggest whales (from 1,000 BTC and above) represent 25% of bitcoins. Given these figures, it’s immediately less impressive than the Bloomberg claims, isn’t it?

Guggenheim-tietohallintojohtaja halusi manipuloida Bitcoinia

Joten tänään, siis huomenna – Guggenheim-tietohallintojohtaja halusi manipuloida Bitcoinia villeillä ennusteilla

Guggenheimin sijoituspäällikköä kritisoidaan nyt villeistä hintaennusteistaan, koska se voi olla hinnan manipulointia.

Guggenheimin sijoituspäällikön Scott Minerdin tekemät hintaennusteet, jotka vaihtelivat voimakkaasti hyvin lyhyessä ajassa, liittyvät todennäköisesti suoraan hänen yrityksensä massiiviseen sijoitukseen Bitcoiniin. Sosiaalisessa mediassa häntä syytetään nyt hinnan manipuloinnin yrityksestä.

Salauskauppias huomasi, että 31. tammikuuta Coinbase-salausvaihto siirsi lähes 500 miljoonaa dollaria BTC: ssä useisiin yksityisiin lompakkoihin. Tämä Bitcoin Bank määrä puolestaan ​​vastaa suunniteltua sijoitussummaa, jonka Guggenheimin sijoitusrahasto osoittaa raportissa American Securities and Exchange Commissionille. Joten voidaan päätellä, että sijoituspalveluyritys osti tämän bitcoinin.

Katsoin aikaisempaa 14K $ BTC-tapahtumaa

Jaa yli 8 hienosti sekoitettua lompakkoa, ja jotkut lähdöt menevät joukolle muita ei-sukulaisia ​​lompakoita

~ 14466 $ BTC, joka on noin 500 miljoonaa dollaria
– // Bitcoin ack (@BTC_JackSparrow) 1. helmikuuta 2021

Tähän ostokseen johtavat tapahtumat antavat sille kuitenkin lempeän jälkimaku. Minerd sanoi 21. tammikuuta 10 päivää ennen investointia, että markkinoiden johtava kryptovaluutta „laskee takaisin 20 000 dollariin“ ja että merkittäviä voittoja ei todennäköisesti tule olemaan ennen vuotta 2022.

Haastattelussa Bloomberg Televisionille 27. tammikuuta hän toisti tämän arvion väittäen, että institutionaalisten sijoittajien nykyinen kiinnostus ei riitä pitämään Bitcoinia yli 30000 dollarin.

Kuitenkin 31. tammikuuta jälkeen, kun hänen yrityksensä on ilmeisesti tehnyt suuren investoinnin, Guggenheim CIO: n hintaennusteet ovat yhtäkkiä jälleen silmiinpistävän optimistiset. Tämän viikon alussa hän jopa sanoi uutiskanavan CNN haastattelussa, että Bitcoin nousee tulevaisuudessa 600 000 dollariin. Tämä ylittää hänen oman kunnianhimoisen 400 000 dollarin ennusteensa, jonka hän teki joulukuun puolivälissä.

Salausyhteisö ei jättänyt tätä „kaksinaisuutta“ huomiotta, minkä vuoksi se jäljittää Minerdin ristiriitaiset julkiset lausunnot sosiaalisissa verkostoissa.

Muista, että Guggenheim haluaa sinun myyvän #bitcoinia, jotta he voivat ostaa halvempia. Yritetty pelotella markkinoita ajatteluhintaan romahtaa 20 000 dollariin, vaikka heidän mielestään sen arvo on 400 000 dollaria.
– Alex Krüger (@krugermacro) 1. helmikuuta 2021

Jotkut salaussijoittajat näkevät sen vain „pelästystaktiikana“ (FUD), kun taas toiset syyttävät sijoitusjohtajaa tahallisesta markkinoiden manipuloinnista. Negatiivisilla ennusteillaan Minerdin sanotaan alun perin yrittäneen laskea hintaa alas ostaakseen halvalla, mitä seurasi liian luottavaisia ​​ennusteita hinnan nostamiseksi uudelleen ja voiton saamiseksi.

Bitcoin-Preisprognose: BTC bis 30000 USD, Analyst

Der König der Kryptowährungen enttäuschte die Händler, da er das Allzeithoch nach 42.000 USD nicht durchbrechen konnte. Der König bewegt sich ab sofort bergab. Bitcoin erreichte zu Beginn des Tages einen Höchststand für das 24-Stunden-Preisdiagramm bei 39.840 USD, fiel jedoch nur auf das 24-Stunden-Tief bei 34.400 USD. Nachdem er etwas an Dynamik gewonnen hatte, fand der König Stabilität im Bereich von 36.000 USD. Zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens lag Bitcoin bei 36.743 USD.

Der Markt für Bitcoin ist bullisch. Von den gesamten technischen Indikatoren stehen 14 beim Kauf, während neun Indikationen mit fünf Verkaufsindikationen neutral sind. Von den gesamten Oszillatorindikatoren sind die meisten neutral, mit einer Verkaufsanzeige und zwei Kaufanzeigen zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens. Von den 17 gleitenden Durchschnitten geben 12 Kaufindikationen mit vier Verkaufsindikationen und einer neutralen Indikation aus.

Bitcoin-Preisvorhersage: Was erwartet Sie?

In seiner Bitcoin-Preisprognose gibt Analyst Alan Masters an, dass die Bären für den König der Kryptowährungen gewonnen haben, da Bitcoin nach unten geht, um niedrigere Höchststände zu erreichen. Nach einigen Tagen der Rückverfolgung begann die Kryptowährung an Dynamik zu gewinnen, und die Analysten waren zuversichtlich; Es scheint jedoch, dass der König alle enttäuscht hat. Der Analyst glaubt, dass der Preis von Bitcoin darin besteht, dem rückläufigen Schritt zu folgen und einen Sprung zu machen. Der relative Stärkeindex (RSI) und die Konvergenzdivergenz im gleitenden Durchschnitt (MACD) tendieren nach unten, was die rückläufige Dynamik weiter anheizt.

Masters glaubt, dass Bitcoin vor einer nach unten gerichteten Widerstandslinie steht, die Bitcoin nach unten drücken wird. Bitcoin hat zuvor den EMA-21 getestet, bevor er ein niedriges Hoch erreicht hat. Laut Analyst bedeutet dies, dass Bitcoin jetzt den nächsten exponentiellen gleitenden Durchschnitt (EMA) als Unterstützung testet, nämlich EMA-50 (in Dunkelrosa). Das nächste Kursziel für die Kryptowährung kann 27.795 US-Dollar betragen, was beim EMA-50 liegt. Die Fibonacci-Retracement-Werte von 0,382 (32.151 USD), gefolgt von 0,5 (29.109 USD) und 0,618 (26.066 USD) werden ebenfalls als starke Unterstützungswerte fungieren.

Der Analyst führt jedoch weiter aus, dass die Analyse ungültig ist, wenn der Preis von Bitcoin über 36180 USD liegt

Der Analyst Polar Husk hat festgestellt, dass die Kryptowährung mit einer bärischen Kerze in ihrer Bitcoin-Preisprognose aus der aufsteigenden Trendlinie herausgebrochen ist . Laut dem Analysten ist das Fibonacci-Niveau von 0,786, das parallel zum Preisniveau von 39500 USD liegt, ein starker Bitcoin-Widerstandspunkt. Diese Ablehnung führte dazu, dass Händler in Panik gerieten und verkauften. Husk führt weiter aus, dass der Verkauf von Bitcoin dazu führte, dass der Preis auf das Fibonacci-Niveau von 0,618 fiel, was dem Preisniveau von 33.972 USD entspricht, als die Verkäufer die Kontrolle über den Markt übernahmen.

Das Preisniveau von 34.000 USD hat sich jedoch als starke Unterstützung für den Zusammenfluss der 100MA etabliert. Der Analyst gibt an, dass dies ein entscheidender Zeitpunkt für die Dominanz des zinsbullischen Drucks ist, denn wenn die rückläufige Dynamik anhält, kann der Bitcoin-Preis wieder auf das Niveau von 31.000 bis 32.000 USD fallen.

Die Analystin Mahtab Sh hat in ihrer Bitcoin-Preisvorhersage eine aufsteigende Kanalbildung identifiziert . Der Analyst hofft nicht auf die Zukunft der Kryptowährung, da ein Ausbruch nach unten wahrscheinlich erscheint. Der Analyst glaubt, dass Bitcoin, wenn es von der oberen Grenze des Kanals abgelehnt wird, wahrscheinlich in einen zweiten unteren Kanal ausbricht.

$288,000 per bitcoin – cryptocurrency follows

$288,000 per bitcoin – cryptocurrency follows 2013 bull run

The largest cryptocurrency by market cap has had a huge run over the past 12 months. From annual lows in 2020 at just under $5,000, the price has recovered to over $40,000 now.

Is the rally over yet?

While some well-known analysts are reporting that bitcoin may suffer a Cryptosoft short-term setback, the general consensus is that further parabolic rises are in store for 2021.

Already last week we reported that analyst PlanB shows in the following tweet that the current Bitcoin price (red line) is behaving very similar to the 2013 bull run.

But he is not the only one who shares this assessment. Trader „Grain of Salt“ published the following chart showing that BTC is on track to peak at $400,000 by the end of 2021.

In 2021, Bitcoin may repeat 2013. Breaks $100K in April, run towards $200K (June), 40% retracement, dump in summer. Sept to Dec towards $400K(peak). 50% retrace in spring 2022….

History repeats itself

The data aggregator „ecoinmetrics“ has created a model showing the range of previous runs, each after halving. The red line shows the development of the current Bitcoin price, measured on the days after the Bitcoin halving in 2020.

It can only be emphasised again and again how amazing it is that BTC ticks like clockwork and that the halving is probably the most significant event for Bitcoin.

So far, the cryptocurrency has not managed to crack the average, but if this model proves correct, we could reach the $100,000 mark by April.

Bitcoin moves as it did in 2013

The chart below shows the price movement in 2013 with the current one. The chart shows that the price is moving remarkably similar to 2013. This could mean that it might actually be possible to reach a six-figure price level in a few months.

Bitwise’s AUM exceeds $500m: institutions increasingly interested in crypto

Bitwise’s AUM exceeds $500m: institutions increasingly interested in crypto
Hunter Horsley, CEO of Bitwise: ‚The speed with which professional investors are moving into crypto is remarkable‘


Bitwise’s AUM exceeds $500m: institutions increasingly interested in crypto NEWS

Bitwise Asset Management, a leading crypto fund manager, reached a major milestone in Q4 2020: fund inflows to its products reached new records, driven by increased institutional demand for digital assets.

According to a press release on Monday, the firm’s assets under management (AUM) exceeded $500 million. This is a considerable increase from $100m of AUM on 28 October 2020.

The press release reads:

„Bitwise experienced record inflows of funds in the fourth quarter of 2020, exceeding the total of what was raised in 2018 and 2019 combined.“
Most of the new demand comes from professional investors, such as financial advisors, hedge funds, corporations and others.

The Bitwise 10 Crypto Index Fund, which provides broad exposure to major digital assets, is by far the most popular product, with more than $400 million under management. The fund holds Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and seven other cryptocurrencies.

Bitwise says that demand for its funds with a strong focus on Bitcoin and Ethereum has increased since the fourth quarter.

Can users leverage Bitcoin Prime to avoid being broke?

In a press relase from KissPR they said:“After our review experience, everyone agreed that it is possible to trade with Bitcoin Prime and earn a profit from the crypto market every day. What this means is that anyone who has good money saving habits will never go broke again, when they trade with Bitcoin Prime. The crypto trading platform works flawlessly, and it is dependable, to a large extent.“

Hunter Horsley, co-founder and CEO of Bitwise, said:

„Right now, the speed at which professional investors are moving into cryptos is remarkable.“

Before the New Year arrived, Bitwise announced that it had liquidated its exposure to XRP in response to the lawsuit filed against Ripple Labs by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Beyond the XRP affair, the crypto market appears poised to expand as more institutional investors enter the market.

David Lawant, research analyst at Bitwise, recently told Cointelegraph that the „career risk“ once associated with cryptocurrencies is disappearing; in other words, institutions are no longer afraid to enter the sector. Bitcoin’s growing appeal as a safe haven asset that can offset the so-called „great monetary inflation“ has become a key catalyst for adoption, he said.