Bitcoin ATM number explodes and exceeds 10,000 machines

Collect BTC around the corner – Bitcoin ATMs are seeing their numbers increase steadily, almost exponentially. These ATMs have even just passed the symbolic bar of 10,000 machines installed throughout the world.

+ 67% d’ATM Bitcoin in 2020

According to a recent report of the Norwegian financial services AksjeBloggen , growth in the number of ATMs to Bitcoin (BTC) has never been as strong as this year, which is not yet even completed.

Since early 2020, ATMs that offer Cryptosoft and other cryptos have jumped by more than 67% globally. Indeed, if there were already 5,795 machines installed in December 2019, we can now count 10,025 according to regularly updated data from the statistics site Coin ATM Radar .

The increase is even more significant in the United States , which has 78% of all these bitcoin distributors. Over one year, from September 2019 to September 2020, the number of ATMs BTC rose from 3,332 to 7,567 machines , or a good 127% .

Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum on the crypto ATM podium

It will come as no surprise to anyone, but King Bitcoin is available on almost all existing crypto distributors: 10,020 out of 10,025.

A little less expected, Litecoin (LTC) the “little brother” of Bitcoin created in 2013, comes in second position, with all the same 6,688 compatible machines to its credit.

The ethers (ETH) of Ethereum network complete the third place, with the support by 5897 ATM .

Note, in this ranking, the recent appearance of distributors compatible with the BTC of the Bitcoin Lightning Network (9 machines).

The builders Genesis Coin and General Bytes largely dominate the crypto ATM market. They alone represent nearly two thirds of the machines manufactured: respectively 35 and 29% of distributors.

If the bullish sentiment pervading the cryptosphere were to materialize, the current trend of rapidly increasing Bitcoin ATM numbers is unlikely to reverse anytime soon. On the other hand, we should not be in too much of a hurry in France. The Hexagon has only 11 distributors in all and for all (less than Bulgaria). Shame!