Experience the Revolutionary L1 Storage Layer with Xandeum’s Grand Launch!

• Xandeum, a blockchain startup, announces its grand launch on July 30th at 11:00am PT.
• The company is pioneering a new storage solution called External Global Grouped Storage (EGGS).
• Xandeum is offering an incentivized purchase model for its users and will roll out new features such as Devnet and Testnet in the coming months.

Xandeum Launching Grandly on July 30

Xandeum, a trailblazing blockchain startup committed to accelerating humanity’s transition to decentralized control, announces its highly anticipated launch on July 30, 2023, at 11:00 am PT. Leveraging the power of blockchain technology, Xandeum’s mission is to empower collective self-determination by creating a scalable storage layer for smart contracts.

Introducing External Global Grouped Storage (EGGS)

External Global Grouped Storage (EGGS) adds a new dimension to the decentralized web. It enables developers to create fully-fledged Web3 applications that are powered by storage capabilities. This revolutionary blockchain project prioritizes community control by selling node licenses directly to its users.

Incentivized Purchase Model

The grand launch introduces an incentivized purchase model that gives generous rebates ranging from 50% to 1%. This creates a buzz for this innovative project and opens up the market for further expansion and innovation.

Upcoming Features

Post-launch, Xandeum will roll out an incentivized Devnet on August 15th followed by a Testnet in the fall, an ICO of the XAND token in November and a beta version of the mainnet scheduled for 2024.


Xandeum is revolutionizing blockchain technology with its advanced storage solution EGGS and incentivized purchase model that empowers collective self-determination. With upcoming features such as Devnet and Testnet on the horizon, this project promises immense potential for growth in the near future.

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