Prime Advantage Reviews : What is it ?

Prime Advantage is an automated trading bot that is said to be the brainchild of two brothers who wanted to create a system that could practically print money from crypto currencies. But in the end, they settled for the markets‘ prediction when after the Bitcoin crash in late 2017, they realised that their idea was not feasible.

However, far from being satisfied with the events then underway, they wanted to find a way into the future to predict Bitcoin. This is how the first prototype of Prime Advantage was born. Indeed, by analysing and collecting market data, Prime Advantage makes it possible to make massive profits with its trading algorithm.

How does Prime Advantage work?

According to its designers of this Bitcoin bot, the Prime Advantage bot’s technology for predicting outcomes in the crypto-currency markets is based on mathematical technology and algorithms.

Indeed, the bot would apply a novel technique as well as a set of fundamental indicators coupled with advanced mathematical algorithms to discover potentially profitable trading opportunities. It should be noted that the transactions are made automatically without requiring any human intervention.

According to the Prime Advantage website, the software is capable of executing multiple trades at speeds much faster than humans and is reportedly running 0.01 seconds faster than those currently in the market.

The software gives users the ability to define the trading parameters that suit them and even offers experienced traders a manual option. However, trades are executed automatically by the trading robot as soon as they match the parameters that can be applied by the bot.

Note that as we mentioned above, Prime Advantage allows you to buy several crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and even Dash. This is possible due to the fact that unlike other trading platforms, Prime Advantage has built its own system of encapsulating data, rather than just reading statistics and numbers.

How much can you make on Prime Advantage?

According to Prime Advantage, when a trader makes a minimum deposit of $250, they are able to earn up to $800 by the end of the live trading session. Although depending on prevailing market trends this profit may differ slightly either up or down. However, the platform does not give clear information about the earnings history.

In our opinion it is therefore impossible to say with certainty whether the Prime Advantage robot is profitable, whether it makes money. Remember also that trading is risky, so never invest more on this robot or elsewhere than you can afford to lose.